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Welcome to monster paradise. Stay as long as you like.
BUT, most importantly, have a good time!

This website and the whole of Monster Paradise has been designed and created by Matthew H, age 9 years.
What would you like to do? Meet the monsters, read a story, view a site map, look at a map OR, finally, play a game.
So what DO you want to do?
Do you need any help in any form? If so click here. Or what about reading the monsters comments?
What about reading the news?
If you want to design a monster for this site e-mail me. I will publish the best.

Who do you want to be monster of the month? Click here to vote!

Please come back soon for the next instalments of the story, to see new monsters and for more fun and games. Email me if you want an email notification of when this site is next updated.

Monster of the month - Space Stig



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