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Monster paradise meets Spore.

Have you ever heard of the Spore computer game? It's a game where you can make almost anything! I have made all the monster paradise monsters in it and are putting them on the website in addition to the drawings! If you own the game, subscribe to the monster paradise sporecast (by monster paradise) to download the monsters and related content.

You've got exp, now what?

above: One legandry move for Mr loads of eyes

I bet you thought exp was enough. 6 attacks maximum. All working well until Mr loads of eyes comes along with 7 attacks! Exp works normally for attack 6, but, for attack 7 he needs even more exp!

This 7th attack is so powerful, it has be considered 'legendary'. Unfortunately, the amount of exp needed for these attacks is amazing! To use these 'legendary' moves a monster has to be at least level 500! That means to use it, Mr loads of eyes will have to gain 2,500,000ex!
I don't think they'll be using it in a hurry!

When Mr loads of eyes uses his legendary move, all his blue eyes shoot out a thin blue beam that hit each other and create a blue ball. Then a thick blue beam shoots out and hits the enemy. The thick blue beam is very powerful, and, with a lot of practice (and I do mean a lot) the ball could be moved to hit the enemy instead of useing the thick beam. Useing the ball is a lot stronger.

Written by Mr loads of eyes I.D. number 00001740

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exp? what is exp?

above: The only monster that has a 6th attack.
Research has recently discovered that some monsters have 6 attacks! The only problem for the monsters that have 6 attacks it that to use their 6th attacks they need exp (experience).

To gain experience a monster has to fight. It doesn't have to be a living thing they fight, so it can be a dummy. That's a very usefull fact because it means that monsters can build training centres where monsters can train and gain exp.

Exp is measured with ex unit. To gain 1ex a monster must either kill one monster or hit a test dummy 30 times

It is also revealed that all monsters gain exp. There is a maximum amount of exp that a monster can carry. The maximum amount of exp a monster can carry is 5,000ex. When it can't carry any more exp it goes up a level. For a monster to gain a new attack it must get to a certain level. Also, each time it goes up a level it's attacks get stronger.

Written by Fluffycute I.D. number 00000369

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30 Flaams killed!

above: Flaam I.D. number 00000023, the one that
commited the crime
On the 21st July 2007 a Flaam killed 30 other flaams and in doing so burnt down his own house! Luckily he is currnetly facing time in jail so he can't kill any more. The police arrived just in time to see him set his own house on fire.

Lisa, Dan and Ben saw exactly what he did from his own point of view by looking at his memory. In doing so they discovered that the only attack he used was heat ring, his speciality. Also they proved that he hadn't been drinking recently.

Why he did it is still uncertain.

Written by Crabba Grabba I.D. number 00000134

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