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I absolutely love power lake! Go there you have to, please? Or even how about climbing Death valley mountain? It's wonderful! Or if you haven't been to Monster paradise, can you do me a favour, by GOING THERE!

Leem I.D. Number 00010001


About power lake, that would be my comments title, if they could have one. But that doesn't matter or does it? I don't care. Now, back to power lake it's my home! And a lake out of heaven. I quite like exploring the forest around it. I just love making up stories about it. So, bye for now!

Octoalien I.D. Number 00000682


Climb Death Valley's twin it's awesome! But bring a grappling hook, just in case you fall. Have fun, but remember, stay safe!

Jonny I.D. Number 00004567


Sun bathing in the great plains, is wonderful. Oh! Did I forget to mention where the great plains are ? I don't think I did, so I'll tell you now. It's the biggest plain in monster paradise, not good enough. The vast plain between Death Valley and the villages. Good enough? Yeah! Wonderful description ! Maybe even the best! Yeah! Probably the best!

Octoalien I.D. Number 00010000


Well this Leem with an I.D. number of 00010001 reccomened climbing Death valley mountain! Well I've got even better advice for you! DON'T EVEN THINK OF CLIMBING DEATH VALLEY MOUNTAIN! IT NEARLY GOT ME KILLED! SO DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT! Climb Death valley mountain if you don't mind not being around tommorow!

Robot being I.D. Number 00009216


Mr. robot being, that's a nasty thing to say about someone. You could just have said 'Don't climb Death valley mountain because it's really dangerous and could get you killed!' but you went and blamed it on poor old Leem I.D. number 00010001! Poor Leem, you mean old Robot being! Don't do it again. Seriously. If you do, there'll be trouble, and I mean trouble, okay?

Castlee I.D. Number 00000999