Desert town

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Desert town isn't the nicest place to live in, unless you love deserts. But why? It's right by a desert! "Why would it be called desert town if it wasn't near one!?" "There's one in it." "Then it would be near one, or would it?" "It wouldn't." "Now that is just silly!"
I always try and fit something funny (or silly) in my work. So please forgive me, I beg you.

Yeah, this one's near a desert, so don't worry about that, I dunno what. And as this paragraph is meant to be about the desert, not the village, I'd better write about the desert. And if I don't, I'll get into trouble with myself. Guess what the desert's called. Yeah, you got it right. It is Dead Man's desert. Any way it's just a cute little desert that probably wouldn't have existed, well it wouldn't, unless Volcomount had erupted.


There are two kinds of monsters that live here, they are:

  1. Drog
  2. Robot being