Crabba Grabba

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Crabba Grabba has a suction cup as strong as a limpet's grip, claws as strong as a shark bite, an extendable arm for when his enemys start escaping, a knife as strong as a saw, a toothbrush as it is fussy after eating it's lunch, a drill that can penetrate the hardest rock, a bag of squid ink so you can't see him, a tickling stick that can make you laugh so much you turn into jelly, and 360o rotating eyes. Personally, I am a little surprised and annoyed that I didn't think of designing this monster first.

designer Patricia U, adult
monster number 27
home town Power town
average population 53,000
attack1 sucker
attack2 knife
attack3 claw
attack4 tickle
attack5 ink bomb