The second planet


Chapter 1: The rainbow


One day, the 3 elders had just been informed of a trip to the second planet. They had to bring back some rock from the second planet and they were very scared. They climbed into the capsule and blasted off.


Something was coming. It had to hide. It had to change form. It tried and it did.


The capsule was fast approaching. Then it landed. Lisa the Leem was the first elder to step out of the capsule.

She saw something. There was a strange glow above the mountain. It scared her. The elders climbed the mountain. They stumbled and tripped over useless bits of rock. Then they saw a rainbow!!! It was the prettiest thing they had ever seen! Then it glowed and Lisa screamed.


It was shape-shifting! It took the form of a giant sheep and turned solid, it was a giant sheep! It turned to attack them, and charged.




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