Chapter 2: The start of the end of the world


On the diagrams of the secret base the four ‘claws’ started rotating around the secret base faster and faster.


“I’m getting a message,” the eldest Small master of death informed the others. After a while he ordered  “Pull them in, Raak!”


“Certainly, Arlow,” Raak replied.


“DON’T … CALL … ME … BY … MY … NAME!” Arlow screamed.


“Err … err … OK, sir,” Raak stammered.


On the diagrams some blue zigzag light shot up into the exact point where the end of the ‘claws’ pointed to. Then it split into four and went to the end of each ‘claw’. As the claws spun faster and faster the centre point got lower and lower. When the centre point touched the light that it came out of a fifth beam shot out of the centre point into the sky. Suddenly it came back down with a spaceship on the end. Then the spaceship hit the light sending sparks flying, then, a terrible thing happened, the control room was engulfed by a mini nuclear explosion and at the same time above ground a giant nuclear explosion came.


To be continued…


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