The growing desert?


Chapter 1: The tunnel


“What do we do?” asked Dan.


“What do you think we do?” Ben questioned.


“RUN!” Lisa screamed, “No joking. Seriously.”


So they all ran. BUT before they had run even a metre, the living robot dragon got in their way, which, as you can guess, wasn’t good so a problem arose. As you can guess, the problem was how to get past the L.R.D. (Living robot dragon)


“Get in the cave, NOW!” the L.R.D roared.


The elders worriedly walked into the cave. It’s too smooth to be in this universe, all three elders thought. Suddenly, it dawned upon them. They used machinery, that’s against the law! the elders discovered, How dare they. Then they stopped looking at the walls and stared ahead deeper into the cave. They could only make out the walls ahead of them it was so dark. (The L.R.D was behind them.) The elders walked and walked and walked until they saw a glint of silver. What’s that? they wondered in their minds. When they turned the corner they noticed that the tunnel went around the huge, silver and weird thing.


Eventually, they got to a junction. One way led into the silver thing the other carried on going round it. They went in it.


Inside there was a lot of technological equipment, a chair in the middle of the room with its back turned on them, a few diagrams and what looked like thousands of Small masters of death. The worrying thing is that the diagrams are of the secret base! The Small masters of death found the control room for the secret base.


Suddenly the chair turned around, and in it, sat the eldest Small master of death.


“You’ve been a long time, Aargal,” the eldest Small master of death said calmly “Strengthen the force, Raazal.”


“I will, sir,” Raazal replied.

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