Chapter 2: Doom!


The L.R.D.’s charged at the Small masters of death, they crushed a few, but unfortunately – didn’t help much. So one new thing the elders had learned that day: the L.R.D.’s were on there side.


Lisa aimed a powerful tail whip (probably the strongest I’ve seen!) at the nearest group of Small masters of death; Ben started using laser and Dan started hitting every single one of them!


But it just wasn’t good enough and the Small masters stunned them all, easily. Then a spaceship flew down and shot an orange teleportation ray at the L.R.D.’s (which sent them to the universe were they originated) and then it landed. The Small masters of death took the elders back to there Small master of death universe (which, surprisingly enough, is ruled by the Small masters of death) via a portal, which closed behind them.


Now, without guidance, the monsters – were doomed.


To be continued…


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