Chapter 2: Where’s Dan?


Dan walked out into the sunlight. The only difference since last time is that the secret base was wrecked, but that was in the distance. If you could notice, which you probably couldn’t, it would be that the secret base was emitting huge amounts of smoke, which made the sky black and block out most of the sunlight.


“Dan, where are you?” A voice from in the cave said.


“If you want me to come back in, I’m not!” Dan shouted back.


Then there was silence. Suddenly Lisa and Ben rushed out of the cave going as fast as their little legs could carry them.


“Oh Dan,” Lisa shouted, more out of joy than anger. “We wondered where you where a-” Lisa got cut off by Ben.


“That doesn’t matter now, does it, we j-” Ben started.


“Yes I know; we just need to get back and stop everyone worrying. What I really want to now is where the Small masters of death are?” Lisa questioned.


Then they heard screaming.


“That doesn’t sound good” Ben worriedly said.


“Get back to t-t-town” Ben shouted.


To be continued…


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